Would You Like Us To Sponsor Your Practice Management Meeting?

We’ll even arrange the venue and provide full catering for you and all your attendees!

Throughout 2017 Premier Patient Line will be looking to sponsor practice management and locality meetings. Last year Premier Patient Line was the proud sponsor of 30 separate locality meetings, in areas such as Waltham Forrest and Islington. Each meeting was met with a superb turnout and received excellent reviews from all who attended.

However, we want to continue improving and that’s the aim for 2017. Therefore, if you want to run a managers’ meeting over the course of the next few months, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Premier Patient Line will sponsor your next meeting no matter the size, catering for 5, 50 or even 500. We’ll arrange the venue and provide food and refreshments for the day’s events. This gives you the opportunity to focus solely on structuring and running the day in hand. There will even be freebies and promotional gifts available to all attendees.

In return for sponsoring your event, we simply ask for 15-20 minutes scheduled in to discuss our service and what Premier Patient Line is doing to improve telecommunications.

Included in this timeslot we’ll give you all the latest information in regards to technological advancements within telecoms, whilst offering details around the innovative Telehealth. We will also demonstrate how Premier Patient Line is helping medical practices and GP surgeries reduce their overall costs, whilst improving the patient access and general experience as a whole.

To conclude our presentation, we will also hold a question and answer session if necessary, to ensure any questions or queries are addressed. As an extra benefit, Premier Patient Line will offer reduced price rates for all those attending the meeting.

For more information or to have your next meeting sponsored by Premier Patient Line, please contact our Marketing Manager, Lizzie Fagg, on 020 8300 6457. She is also available on email: lfagg@premierchoicetelecom.com. We have limited slots left for 2017, so please get in contact as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


  • We’ll arrange and pay for the venue
  • We’ll provide all the catering
  • We’ll provide useful promo gifts
  • Discounted rates for all attendees
  • You can focus on whats important to you!

Unsure of who we are? Read more about us and watch what our customers have to say (video).

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