4 Key Areas of Communication Which Benefit from Using Premier Integration

Connectivity between your telephone system and clinical information systems is incredibly important. It’s for this reason Premier Patient Line have developed a communication solution which allows seamless interaction between both of these platforms.

Premier Integration provides a number of benefits for your telecommunication systems. Some of the areas where you will experience improvements include:

  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Contact management
  • Internal communications

To see how each of these areas could be improved upon, please read on. This blog post will provide you with clear reasons as to why opting for Premier Integration will have a positive impact on aspects like secure call handling and caller recognition.

1. Incoming Calls

When receiving incoming calls, it’s important to deal with them in as clear, professional and confident a manner as possible. What’s more, with such sensitive data being discussed, it’s critical that secure call handling is implemented from start to finish.

Premier Integration takes these concerns into account. This unique system guarantees practice staff are able to instantly know who they’re talking to and respond accordingly. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Caller recognition – If your caller has called before, a name will appear on any incoming call you receive to alert you to which patient is calling you.
  • Interactive dashboard – This will open when you answer the phone, and provides staff with a detailed contact profile for the patient in question, including additional notes and prompts
  • Select caller option – In the case of a backlog of callers, you can pick and choose from a provided list. If you see a patient who needs urgent attention, or whose need is more critical, you can take their call first.
  • New number capture – If someone new rings up, it’s possible to save their details and add them as a contact. Similarly, existing patients calling on a different number can have this added to their profile as an additional number or in place of a previous number.

With calls and data so simple to manage and process, it lowers the risk of patient information being mishandled.

2. Outgoing Calls

While the majority of communication at a practice relates to incoming calls, outgoing options are also taken into consideration. It’s not uncommon for a practice manager or member of staff to need to reach out and get in contact directly with a patient.

When this is the case, Premier Integration provides a cutting-edge approach. Our communication solution allows practices to make the most of a number of features, including:

  • On-screen click to dial – Never worry about misdialing a number, with a feature which allows you to find the patient’s contact information on screen and dial them with the click of a button.
  • Follow-up SMS – Understandably, people won’t always be free to take a call. As such, the Premier Integration system allows practices to send an automatic follow-up SMS message.
  • Customisation – When sending an SMS, you’ll be able to word it however you see fit. You can set up a template response which informs a patient you called, and how they can contact you.

You’ll find this approach enables you to give your patients a more personal touch and improve their experience. They’ll also know you’ve tried to reach out to them, effectively raising satisfaction levels. What’s more, it will help the communication process flow more naturally throughout the entire organisation.

3. Contact Management

Contact management will also improve with the use of Premier Integration. This extends beyond the simple (albeit useful) ability of knowing who is calling you. Focusing on every aspect of dealing with a patient’s specific data, our system is able to:

  • Cleanse data – You’ll be able to edit data both reactively and pro-actively whilst on the phone to someone. Keeping information up-to-date is easily achievable.
  • Cost targets – You will be able to check and update patient records in order to support cost targets.
  • Mobile phone validation – The system is capable of validating mobile numbers which haven’t been checked across the previous 12 months.
  • Other contacts – It won’t just be patients whose details are held. You’ll also be capable of storing the likes of suppliers, pharmacies, other practices and hospitals. Easy access to these could prove to be helpful.
  • Signposted secure call handling – As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to see which calls should be prioritised. This will be pointed out to you with a signposting system, which works out the order of importance based on factors you have previously inputted.

Keeping your contacts managed is incredibly easy with the use of Premier Integration.

4. Internal Communications

With your external channels streamlined, the natural outcome will be better internal communications. By having a system in place which manages and integrates every aspect of call handling and data management, as a practice you’ll be able to:

  • Review the call notes taken during calls
  • Easily view data on any networked computer in the practice
  • Make use of internal instant messaging to contact or see the live status of colleagues
  • Log missed calls. This allows you to monitor contact to the practice and respond to calls that went unanswered

This universal cohesion throughout your practice will go a long way to reducing mistakes like data mishandling or ensuring important phone calls are followed-up.

If you are interested in implementing our Premier Integration system in your medical practice in the near future, please make sure to get in contact with a member of the Premier Patient Line team. You can reach us on either 0800 048 4666, or by sending an email to info@premierpatientline.co.uk.

We’ll offer a free demo service, which will allow you to get to grips with the product, and see how much of a difference it can make. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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