Five reasons to have your free telecoms security audit

Your telecoms are likely vital to your whole operation. What would happen if the system went down? What would happen should someone hack into your infrastructure? These are the questions you need to ask when determining the risk factor of your telecoms.

People trust that by calling you, their details will remain private. Of course, there’s a clear example of this not being the case recently – As TalkTalk was hacked and thousands of customers had their personal data stolen.

As such, it’s important to ensure your telecoms are as secure as possible. Premier Patient Line is offering a free audit to assess the security of your telecoms system and help counter the risk of data loss.

There are five obvious reasons to take advantage of the free audit:

  • Improve the security of patient details
  • Ensure you’re not affected by dial-through fraud
  • Upgrade the software and better your communications
  • Find opportunities to reduce your expenses
  • Take advantage of the latest technology to better efficiency levels.

Each of these benefits is very important, but in today’s world hacking is particularly common. If your telecoms are hacked, premium lines and international numbers could be dialled on your behalf. In just minutes, you could be faced with a bill stretching into thousands of pounds.

This isn’t a rarity and our free eBook explains a lot more about the threats dial-through fraud presents.

With that said, why not take advantage of our free telecoms audit and have your infrastructure better secured before Christmas and New Year. You’ll likely have limited working hours over this period and it’s the optimum time for hackers to strike.

For more information or to book your own telecoms audit, call today on 0800 048 4666 or email

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