The Beginner’s Guide to Call Recording

For many businesses, the telephone system plays a crucial role. The infrastructure itself needs to be in good nick and only through effective and efficient communication with your customers will you ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Business telecoms

In today’s world of telecoms, one of the vital features many small businesses are reliant on is call recording and logging. If you’ve ever asked ‘how to record phone calls’, you’ll be pleased to know this article will help provide some much needed answers.

Introduction to business telecoms

Good communication is key if you’re to provide customers with the service they expect. No matter your industry, one of the main points of contact is likely to be through telecoms. How do assess the quality of this communication though? For instance, if your business is selling, how would you determine a certain phrase to be generating more sales than another? How would you monitor calls to ensure not upsetting potential customers? How would you react to customer complaints because of a phone call?

“Businesses have taken advantage of the growing improvements in call recording software, to ensure all calls are recorded and kept on file…”

Nowadays the answer is simple. Businesses have taken advantage of the growing improvements in call recording software, to ensure all calls are recorded and kept on file should they be need a review in the future. Once the call has been stored, it can then be listened back and analysed at a later date. In fact, effective management of your call recording could result in an increase in sales, improvement in performance, happier customers and easier dispute resolution.

It’s not just the simple case of choosing the first piece of software that catches your eye though. With plenty of options out there for recording phone calls, you need to choose a system that’s best for your business and won’t be counterproductive. There’ll also be systems that come complete with other features too – to further complement your business.


The ins and outs of call recording

Call recording is a pretty simple process to get your head around and refers to software that’ll record any conversations between your employees and customers – regardless of whether the call takes place on a phone line or Internet connection. Once recorded, the call is stored in audio format and can be listened to as and when.

“…some can capture specific data, others can analyse your calls, whilst certain systems have the capability to monitor calls in ‘real time’.”

Of course, the major difference between software is the extra bits and bobs included. Your most basic call recording systems will end with the above. However, there are also systems that’ll give you even more. For instance, some can capture specific data, others can analyse your calls, whilst certain systems have the capability to monitor calls in ‘real time’.

You should also be aware there’s a difference between recording and logging software. Call logging involves keeping data about each call – but not a recording of the actual conversation. There will be systems that offer both recording and logging capability though.

How to record phone calls – Which system will you choose?

This ultimately depends on your need for call recording. For some businesses, there’ll only be a need for basic monitoring of calls – whether it’s to have everything on record or to listen back for monitoring purposes. For these businesses, a straightforward voice solution would be best.

“Advanced call recording not only allows analysis, but offers useful tools to save time when measuring and monitoring performance.”

Telecoms system

Then of course you’ll have the more advanced kit. These will have extra functionality and greater benefits to make it a worthwhile investment. Whilst the initial outlay may be slightly more, it’s certainly something to consider. Advanced call recording not only allows analysis, but offers useful tools to save time when measuring and monitoring performance. This will consequently lead to business improvements.

When deciding which system is best for your business, it’s probably an idea to assess the benefits and determine what your company would find most useful.

Note: Premier Patient Line offer call recording systems for GP practices and surgeries in the UK, providing a number of excellent benefits. These include being FSA compliant, allowing you to evaluate calls and improve customer service, link valuable customer information to recordings and mask credit and debit card details.

What are the benefits of call recording for your business?

Call recording is a popular feature for many business telecoms systems and it’s clear to see why, with a whole host of excellent benefits attached to an investment.

Take a look at some of the reasons your small business should be taking note of call recording.

  • Record financial transactions: It’s now required by law to record transactions taking place over the phone. They should then be stored in a secure location.
  • Compliance with card protection: For call recording systems, you’ll need to ensure not capturing details of the credit or debit card used. This comes under PCI DSS compliance.
  • Boost staff performance: Customer service is integral to any business and call recording can provide invaluable training. Identify the phone calls that were on point and use these to assist your other employees and improve performance.
  • Increase your sales: By ensuring your staff are better skilled, you’ll not only improve the happiness of customers but boost sales performance and drive more revenue.
  • Avoid fraudulent claims: When recording, you’re able to state so to each customer. As a result, this could have the positive benefit of deterring fraudsters from contesting agreements.
  • Improve your dispute resolution: Thanks to the addition of call recording your business will be able to better resolve disputes, by having evidence on file. This could avoid the drawn out process of a resolution or court action.
  • Earn accreditation: Good customer service levels will not only be great for retention figures, but can also aid in earning ISO accreditation. Recording and storing phone calls will help you do this effectively.
  • Better manage your business: Call recording isn’t just a standalone feature. Instead, it can effectively be used with other phone features to develop your communications business-wide.

How to record phone calls: The 5 questions you must ask

It’s all well and good investing in call recording and upgrading your phone system, but for the money to be well spent it’s important to ensure getting the right telecoms for your business.

Call recording

1. How many employees do you have?

When choosing a call recording system, the answer to this will be crucial. Will everyone’s phone need to have access to call recording? If so, choose a package that’s cost effective to your needs.

2. Do you want online storage?

The speed in which you’ll need to access call recordings could be significant in choosing your system. If you have online storage included in your package, it can take only seconds to retrieve the call of your choice.

3. How long will recordings need to be stored?

Is there a set period of time your recordings will need to be archived, or is it a case of indefinitely? This will be a key question in determining the call recording system of choice.

4. Will you need disaster recovery options?

If your telecoms was to experience a fault and all data lost as a result, how would this affect business operations? Disaster recovery can ensure your data is secured and easy to locate in the event of a crisis.

5. Is ongoing maintenance required?

Once your call recording has been installed, will you need ongoing maintenance in case of issues or upgrades? If your call recording system will need administering, it’s worth choosing a package with maintenance included.

Why choose Premier Patient Line’s call recording?

Every year there are an estimated 300 million consultations in the UK’s GP surgeries and practices. With so many patients on an annual basis, many hundreds of surgeries are simply struggling with the increase in demand.

“Premier Patient Line has equipped over 800 surgeries with exceptional call recording and logging systems.”

However Premier Patient Line has developed a series of efficient call recording and logging systems, for helping your surgery better communicate with patients. By using these services, you can improve patient satisfaction, balance your resources and boost overall efficiency.

Premier Patient Line has equipped over 800 surgeries with exceptional call recording and logging systems. We hold !SO 9000 accreditation and are a leading partner of technology giant Panasonic. This gives us the opportunity to provide your surgery with a state-of-the-art telecoms system, complete with call recording features.

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